Why Join Exchange?

Exchange is an all-volunteer, national service organization established in 1911 for business and professional men and women who want to serve their community, develop leadership skills, and enjoy new friendships. Exchange has more than 1,200 clubs and 40,000 members throughout the United States.

Some of our Current Projects

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Programs of the Nashville Exchange Family Center.
  • Youth Programs in the greater Bellevue area
  • Youth-of-the-Month honoring students from Davidson County Schools.
  • Installation of Freedom Shrines in schools and other public buildings.
  • Annual Bellevue Clean-up Day
  • Support for the Bellevue Edible Learning Lab (BELL Garden) and the Don Johnson Memorial Garden at Harpeth Valley Elementary School.
  • Honoring Bellevue residents with the Book of Golden Deeds for outstanding service to our community.

Make a difference in your Community – Join the Exchange Club of Bellevue!